Our delivery service offers a big selection of authentic Thai foods – whether it be simple rice and noodle dishes, stir-fried classics, or 300-year-old court recipes. Simply order online or by phone. Please enjoy your food! Sincerely, Your Ban Thai Team.
Thai Food


Ban Thai Restaurant, Mainz

Closed Mondays

Closed for Vacation from

May 2nd to May 31st, 2022

Cold Drinks

  • Pepsi: Farbstoff, Süßstoff, Koffein
  • Pepsi Light: Farbstoff, Süßstoff, Koffein


  • TOM KHA GAI: Konservierungsstoff

Curry Dishes

  • GAENG PHED: Konservierungsstoff
  • GAENG KIOWAAN: Konservierungsstoff
  • GAENG KALI: Konservierungsstoff
  • PANAENG: Konservierungsstoff
  • GAENG KOUR: Konservierungsstoff
  • PRALAM LONG SONG: Konservierungsstoff